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Dr. Alfred Hudler
Ottakringer Getränke AG

I think one of the misapprehensions is that “a bit of brand management” is enough.

1. How significant is the brand for your company management?

The brand is hugely important for Vöslauer. Every decision – in every area – is always scrutinised and taken in consideration of the brand. We know that everything we do has an influence on the brand. What kind of influence is something that we shape very consciously.

2. How does the brand specifically help you to manage your company and take decisions?

The more clearly and concretely the brand is defined, the clearer it becomes to take decisions and manage a company. We do not allow ourselves to be easily deterred because we know who we are and what we stand for – our stakeholders do exactly the same because clear and also authentic and contemporary communication, and above all interaction with/of the brand is at least as important as its definition.

3. In your opinion, what are the misapprehensions of brand management that need to be avoided?

I believe one of the misapprehensions is that “a bit of brand management” is enough – brand management is omnipresent and must be experienced very, very consistently.

4. What advice would you give to other companies with regard to brand management?

Clear brand definition, courage, authenticity and stringency, and also a view of the company and brand from the outside – everybody in the company should allow this from time to time – are important factors. There is no one and only recipe for success – that is what makes brands so fascinating. Every company must find out for itself – taking into account external feedback and consultants – how best to manage their brand.

5. What company do you admire for its brand management?

I observe and admire many small brands that are managed with small budgets but unbelievable consistency.

Zur Person
Alfred Hudler ist seit 1991 bei Vöslauer, seit 1995 Vorstand und seit 1999 mit der Marke Marktführer. Nach BWL-Studium in Wien und Postgraduate in Fontainebleau begann er seine Karriere 1985 bei Austria Tabak. Der passionierte Sportler war Teil des österreichischen Handball-Nationalteams.

Die Marke
Vöslauer ist mit 40,3 % Marktanteil (2015) die Nummer 1 der österreichischen Mineralwasser. Die Lieblingsmarke der Österreicher entspringt in 660 Metern Tiefe aus einer seit 15.000 Jahren von allen Umwelteinflüssen geschützten Quelle in Bad Vöslau. Die 100 %ige Tochter der Ottakringer AG beschäftigt 193 Mitarbeiter, macht einen Umsatz von 98,1 Millionen Euro (2015) und will weiterwachsen, z. B. mit Produkten wie Vöslauer Balance Green Gurke-Holunder.