What we say is what we do;
we have an effect and generate success.


The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC is a boutique consultancy that provides companies with enthusiastic support for strategic and operative issues, and also implementation processes, in order to establish strong, leading brands.

Company development as a fascination

Working with us means developing companies methodically. Our unique management approach was developed over many years of research and is implemented in practice with huge success. Strategic perspectives, process supervision and operative implementation will be key focal areas of your work. You will be tied neither to your desk nor to concept documents – instead, you will be right in the midst of the action. You will design the future of companies in cooperation with managers and process participants, and not merely for them. While developing sustainable and long-term relationships, in a team with colleagues who share your genuine interest in people and organisations.

Who are we looking for?

You have a thoroughly “get up and go” approach, and explore any kind of material exhaustively. You enquire, listen, and are committed to understanding the position of discussion partners. You think from the perspective of an entrepreneur, seize the initiative and assume responsibility from start to finish. You believe that respect for one another and the cultivation of dialogue with each other are not merely empty phrases, but a real concern. Your energy is infectious and your behaviour is inspiring for the common goal: excellent results.

What can we offer you?

At the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC you will find the freedom of self-determination and the space to develop on your own responsibility. You will have access to top brands and business personalities, CEOs and management networks. You will attend regular training courses that advance you in your role and responsibilities of a company developer. You will develop individually as you choose – ranging from specialism in topics or industries, to a career that culminates in partnership.

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC offers you a competitive, performance-oriented salary model with a work-life balance that is compatible with family life at our attractive locations in Munich and Innsbruck. We aim to offer top consultants a long-term home base that is in keeping with their personal life planning.

Please send your application directly to Markus Webhofer.

Statements by our colleagues

Florian Bauer Senior Consultant

“I have found an extraordinary consultancy here which can really move companies with an outstanding approach formed out of brand and organisational development – while never losing sight of the human aspect.”

Martina Mertzbach Senior Consultant

“We aim to empower people in business, showing respect for the organisation’s present performance and also for its employees. We are partners on an equal footing. It motivates me most when people in organisations work on their future as a team with more energy, focus and unity as a result of our supervision, and the economic success confirms what they have been doing.”

Wolfgang Rigger Partner

“We want to be the best developers of companies into leading brands in their respective sectors. To do that, we need real talents. Talent management is a key process at our Institute. We see this as finding, (further) developing, challenging and retaining people with relevant skills that are already discernible.”

Top employer

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC has been named by the editors of FOCUS-BUSINESS as one of the top employers in the SME sector.

Current data collection survey

According to a current independent data collection survey by FOCUS-BUSINESS, the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC is one of the top employers in the SME sector in German, Austria and Switzerland!

Evaluation parameters

In order to determine the 1,300 top employers in the SME sector in the German-speaking region, 13,000 data sets with more than 324,000 employer assessments were analysed by the evaluation portal Kununu. The evaluation parameters included the number and result of the statements.

We are delighted to be among the best!


Brands, entrepreneurs and consultants in an inspiring dialogue.
The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC invites a group of selected brand and OD consultants to Love.Brand.Talk evenings at the Institute offices. This is rather unusual in the consulting industry, but entirely in keeping with BRAND LOGIC – getting to know fascinating personalities and possibly potential colleagues.

Brands, entrepreneurs and consultants in an inspiring dialogue

In a further session of Love.Brand.Talk, the Institute of Brand Logic has continued its successful dialogue platform at an informal after-work talk.

On 8 November 2018 the Institute of Brand Logic again issued an invitation to join an evening discussion in a relaxed atmosphere at the company premises. The invitation was sent to a small, selected group of specialists in brand consultancy. Guest entrepreneur this time was Dr Giordano Koch, Managing Director of HYVE, which has been working on realising the vision of a new innovative approach since the year 2000. Today, HYVE successfully designs and develops product innovations, services and new business models.

The core topic of the evening was the connection between brand and innovations: criteria of true brand innovations, the importance of innovation for brand dynamism, the brand as a driving force and underlying corrective for innovations, boosting a culture of innovation within companies, and the realisation of disruptive innovations in the company.

The participants were delighted with the creative exchange among like-minded colleagues in this format. During just a short get-together, interested personalities with different characters and backgrounds were able to discuss stimulating approaches.

At informal after-work talks in the Institute of Brand Logic, a small and personally invited group of consultants regularly meets companies who introduce their brand and the current challenges, putting this up for discussion. The dialogue frequently creates new ideas – a new understanding, a different perspective, a stimulus, an insight. The Love.Brand.Talk offers room for exchanging experiences and opinions on a related topic, and also the possibility for constructive and open discussions. The focus for consultants invited to each session is the concept of networking and exchange, and also the possibility of becoming acquainted with the Institute of Brand Logic.

The next dates

The next Love.Brand.Talk will be held in the spring of 2020.

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