Growth strategies.
Organisational development.


The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC turns companies into leading brands. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the challenge of leading companies into a successful future. Our speciality lies in the fusion of brand management with growth strategies and organisational development. That's why we are not just management consultants, we are corporate developers.

Leading companies into the future

We make your company fit for the future: brand management, growth strategies and organisational development form a unity with us, inseparably fused together. In this we are the original. For over 20 years we have demonstrated how important this interplay is for success. Many companies have become market leaders with us or have expanded their leading market position.

Uniqueness in competition

Every strong brand thrives on customer relevance and maximum differentiation. Being different, even opposition to the competition, is a must for us. The brand image shapes and forms the company, it is the all-determining organising idea. Every function, every process, every innovation, every performance etc. contributes to its strengthening. We bring out this uniqueness.

Substantial growth

Profitable growth comes from the core, we are convinced of that. Arbitrary growth initiatives usually burn money and resources. Studies show that growth does not necessarily lead to value creation. Every company, every brand is challenged to find its own growth path. Based on the core business, we support companies in developing and implementing this strategic contour for profitable growth in the future.

Implementation is the key

We are passionate about implementing future visions and strategies with you. This is the only way to achieve success in the market. With our process competence, we awaken the will to implement and create a culture of doing and making. Visible successes, innovations and pilot projects give the project the necessary thrust, in line with our credo: success is contagious, makes people courageous and makes sceptics rethink.

Shaping transformation

Making companies fit for the future means change, sometimes also transformation. Designing and leading change processes in a tailor-made way is our speciality. We actively involve managers and employees in every phase so that commitment and energy for change are created.

Team of business developers

The team of the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC unites brand and management consultants, executives from corporate practice and scientists. They combine technical expertise, practical experience, interdisciplinary industry knowledge with strategic lateral thinking and competence in implementation - so that our client's entrepreneurial visions result in economic success.

Powerfully effective

97 % of our clients at the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC report that our work produces a noticeable long-term effect, which is visible both in figures and also in the corporate culture.

Mag. Markus Kaser  Director Spar Gruppe 

"At Brand Logic, I like the fundamentally honest and substantially considered approach to problems - without a big 'consultant show' and thoroughly tenacious."

Dr. Werner Zenz Spokesman of the Board Bankhaus Spängler
"This process with Brand Logic has been instrumental in focusing our company. Our growth has its roots in this."

Dr. Franz Tschiderer former tourism chairman Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
"Since the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC has been working with us, we know what 'brand-oriented destination development' means - and especially what success this process can trigger."

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