Transforming companies into leading brands:
    Brand transformation forges the future, with the vision as the key factor for business development.

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    Building market leaders – this is our ambition.

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    In brand-driven companies, the brand is unquestionably a top management priority

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    What we say is what we do;
    we have an effect and generate success.

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About us

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC turns companies into leading brands. We have been committed to mastering this challenge for over 20 years. An inseparable fusion of organisational development and brand management is our speciality. We are business developers and not consultants in the traditional sense.

Our unique position

Brand management and organisational development form a single unit at our company – we believe they are inseparably fused together. We are the genuine source of this thinking: the one cannot achieve true greatness without the other. For over 20 years we have demonstrated the immense importance of this interaction for success. Many companies have already become market leaders with our support.

Management via the brand

The brand is the raison d’être. It thrives on the creation of client-specific meaning and maximum differentiation. The brand defines and shapes the company; it is the all-determining organising idea. Each function, each process, each product, etc. contributes to strengthening the brand; all resources and skills enrich the brand.

Designing transformation

Making companies fit for the future means change, and sometimes even transformation. Finding the suitable processes in order to achieve this is the key to success. Designing and implementing these processes for companies is our area of specialism. We actively integrate managers and employees, as integration is a prerequisite for commitment

Focus on implementation

In order to turn the brand vision into reality, we supervise our clients while proceeding step by step. Our processes generate enthusiasm for implementation and create a culture of “doing”. Visible success and pilot projects lend extra momentum to the undertaking, in line with our belief that success is infectious, sparks courage, and silences the sceptics.

In dialogue with the CEOs

Our exclusive dialogue forums for entrepreneurs and CEOs in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland were attended by over 175 CEOs in 2019 alone. Discussions with other executives on current topics concerning the brand-oriented management of companies are particularly important to us.

Team of business developers

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC team consists of specialists from corporate practice, consultancy and academia. They offer a combination of practical experience, interdisciplinary industry expertise, strategic creative thinking and operative realisation to enable the entrepreneurial vision of our clients to become economic reality.

We work with:

Powerfully effective

96.5% of clients at the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC report that our work produces a noticeable long-term effect, which is visible both in figures and also in the corporate culture.

Dr. David Strack Managing Director EDEKA Nord e.G.

“Brand Logic accompanied us through a brutally honest process in which we were able to charge our brand with potential for success and consistently only pursue activities that add positive energy to our brand from the perspective of consumers.”

Dr. Werner Zenz Chairman of the Management Board Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co. AG

“The process undertaken with Brand Logic made an essential contribution to focusing our company. It served as the roots for our growth.”

GD DI Wolfgang Anzengruber Chairman of the Management Board Verbund AG

“Clear analyses, personal commitment and critical reflection were important for uniting the whole company in this process and leading it into the future.”

Next dates

Dialogue with top executives is particularly important to us. The topics and input are chosen carefully by us to enable the generation of true added value.


The Excellence Circle is designed for managers who are responsible for selected tourist destinations. The management of tourist destinations is a particular challenge.
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Brand Logic CEO DIALOG

The Brand Logic CEO DIALOGUE is an informal business brunch for exchanging opinions and experience among a small, exclusive group of CEOs.
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WHITE ROOM 10 June 2021at Hangar-7, Salzburg

The WHITE ROOM is a club for entrepreneurs and CEOs who lead strong brands. We discuss current topics with the group of members on entrepreneurs’ evenings. They are definitely a source of inspiration.
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Spectrum by Brand Logic – the journal for brand-oriented company management. This is our contribution to the debate from the perspective of pragmatists, from a scientific point of view, and through the eyes of our experience as consultants.

Serfaus, Fiss und Ladis – drei malerische Dörfer im Tiroler Inntal sind die führende Familiendestination im Alpenraum. Diesen Ruf hat sich die Region mit einer konsequenten Destinationsentwicklung über zwei Jahrzehnte erarbeitet.

Autor Philipp Kazianka
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Was wäre, wenn »Made in China« ein Qualitätssiegel wäre, Ihre gesamte Branche durch eine digitale Plattform abgelöst würde, all Ihre Kunden einen 3D-Drucker zu Hause hätten, ein direkter Wettbewerber kostenlos anbieten würde, jeder Mitarbeiter Entrepreneur wäre und Sie vor zehn Jahren in Google-Aktien investiert hätten.

Autoren Christoph Ettlmayr, Michael Edmaier
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Was sind die erfolgreichsten Marken unserer Zeit? Welche kämpfen ums Überleben? Welche sind bereits gescheitert und woran? Neun Muster des Scheiterns und welche Lehren wir daraus ziehen können.

Autor Peter Horvath
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