CEOs in dialogue

Learning from each other. Inspire each other. Exchange best practices.
This is the focus of our casual, content-rich events, for which we have created three different formats: WHITE ROOM, the club for top executives of brand-oriented companies, CEO DIALOG, the forum for decision-makers and entrepreneurs dedicated to specific topics, and DESTINATION EXCELLENCE CIRCLE as a platform for executives in tourism.


The club for premium companies with strong brands. Behind such companies are leaders who think and act in the world of their brands, with their management behaviour, their decisions and activities.

An exclusive circle of top executives

Membership of the WHITE ROOM is reserved for the top level of management in brand-oriented companies.

We take care to select members meticulously and to create an atmosphere that is characterised by personal esteem and cooperation.

The right combination

The combination of leaders from across all sectors produces a fascinating diversity of perspectives.

The WHITE ROOM club is a space of trust where entrepreneurs and CEOs can enjoy open exchange on topics that are relevant to enterprises.

Stimulus, insight and mutual learning

The aim is to allow new thinking in the minds of members – a new thought, stimulus, a slightly different view of things, realisation.

Allowing companies to learn from one another is at the focus of interest. Brief, content-related stimulus opens up collective dialogue.

The club

The WHITE ROOM is a club for leaders from outstanding companies who think and act in the world of their brands. In the WHITE ROOM they talk about their attitudes and values, their decisions and activities. Experience and standpoints are exchanged and discussed. The dialogue aims to allow new thinking – a realisation, a different perspective, stimulus and insight. The focus of the dialogue is the challenges faced by brand-driven companies, i.e. those companies that live through their brand.

The members

Participation in the WHITE ROOM is reserved for the top level of management from premium companies. This includes entrepreneurs, board members, executives from medium-sized and large businesses, and also university professors and selected academics. We take care to select members meticulously and to create an atmosphere that is characterised by private cooperation and personal esteem.

How to become a memeber
Please send us your application. The WHITE ROOM steering committee will contact you soon.

The next business evening

24. October 2024 ─ Details will follow

To the WHITE ROOM website

CEO Dialogue

The CEO DIALOGUE of the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC is an informal business brunch where opinions and experience are exchanged. A small, exclusive group of entrepreneurs and CEOs discuss a specific topic each time.

Participation upon personal invitation

In 2017 140 CEOs from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland participated in these events and benefited from the wealth of experience on offer here.

The combination of sectors guarantees dynamic discussions and delivers top management with stimulus and ideas for strategic concerns.

One topic in focus

Every CEO Dialogue is guided by a motto from a subject of interest.


The following topics have been covered so far:

‘Managing companies via brands’, ‘Managing transformation and change effectively’, ‘Steering the interaction between brand, business models and strategy’, and also ‘The path to becoming an agile brand organisation’.

The next date


The DESTINATION EXCELLENCE CIRCLE is an opportunity for dialogue specifically for managers of important key players from tourist destinations. Managing a destination within a network of many different participants, decision-makers and top performers is without doubt a particular challenge.

Defined group of members

This is a meeting place for managers of key players from top Alpine destinations.

Member admissions are based on decisions taken by the steering committee.

Topics relevant to the future of destination leadership

Each meeting illuminates a topic that is relevant to the future of Alpine destination leadership. The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC designs core content, selects external speakers, and steers the dialogue to ensure that members learn from the ensuing discussion.

The next date

on 13 & 14 June 2024 in Bregenz / Vorarlberg

Would you also like to become a member of the DESTINATION EXCELLENCE CIRCLE? Request your invitation here. We will then get in touch with you.

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5 brand questions for CEOs

There is no single correct way of managing a brand, nor just one role this should play in everyday business. In order to illustrate this, we invite CEOs from brand companies to explain their view of things. Here is a spectrum of opinions on 5 brand questions for CEOs.

Dr. Marcus Lingel Chairman of the Executive Board Merkur Privatbank
It would be a mistake to define the brand at some point and then, come what may, leave it as it is. A brand must be alive. A brand is not a hard fact.
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Rüdiger Kasch Managing Director Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH
Maintaining stringency in brand management is an important recommendation. This stringency also provides orientation for employees.
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Heimo Scheuch Chairman of the Management Board Wienerberger AG
Our brand reflects its market position. It is the expression of our product, company and management quality.
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