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Heimo Scheuch
Chairman of the Management Board
Wienerberger AG

Our brand reflects its market position. It is the expression of our product, company and management quality.

1. How significant is the brand for your company management?

It is extremely significant! As a 100% free float company, the brand has the highest value on the financial markets. The brand is the expression of our product, company and management quality, and it reflects the market position. Customers are prepared to pay premium prices for Wienerberger, which is a strong brand.

2. How does the brand specifically help you to manage your company and make decisions?

Our brand has an impact on the outside world and also on our internal operations; it serves as an expression of our strong corporate culture. The positioning of our brand Wienerberger is always taken into consideration when we make important decisions. The content of our brand is incorporated into all areas and functions, and its considerable relevance for our employer branding is also increasing.

3. In your opinion, what are the misapprehensions of brand management that need to be avoided?

Brand management and maintenance must occur centrally to prevent compromises. This enables us to send clear messages.

4. What advice would you give to other companies with regard to brand management?

Think hard first! And only then work out your corporate strategy and brand contents, and rigorously coordinate the two.

5. What company do you admire for its brand management?

In our industryy

  • Geberit for the area of piping systems and sanitary appliances
  • Sika for technical solutions and innovations
  • Knauf for their processing expertise and customer benefit
  • Hilti for their outstanding sales expertise
  • And Wienerberger because we’re the coolest!