What we do

Transforming companies into leading brands

We are passionate about recognising what is special about our clients, and our goal is to bring this quality into the open. This is necessary in order to establish companies as strong, leading brands among their rivals. In brand-driven companies the image of the brand characterises the whole company. The image of the brand breathes, pulsates, and lives – in the management culture, in all processes, systems and functions, in the hearts and minds of the employees, in products and services. All resources, skills and competencies relate to it. This makes the brand attractive and tangible for customers, and a brand-specific customer experience is created.

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC believes that the brand vision is the key factor for the future development of a company, and we use this to shape its future. This goes hand in hand with entirely natural processes of change and transformation. The combination of brand and change has already enabled us to transform many companies into leading brands.

We help companies to become outstanding brands


Brand and company vision

Brand work must always examine what companies or activity units will represent in the future, or better, what they will be responsible for. Elaborating the brand image from a differentiated, client-specific perspective is therefore of fundamental importance. The client benefit as part of the brand image is the company’s goal, its reason for being. It gives clear strategic contours to the company’s orientation.


Implementation and development processes

The vision forms the basis of all development and implementation processes. The process design is tailored to each individual company. Depending on the given requirements, we supervise the steering committee, coach managers, steer task teams, chair large group meetings and dialogue platforms, and conduct checkpoint meetings. All initiatives aim to produce decisions and realise implementation projects. Our expertise hugely accelerates processes of change and transformation, and brings success much more quickly.

Special consulting moduls:

How we work

The correct process architecture is the key to the development of companies. In order to achieve this, we integrate employees and managers into all process phases according to very specific principles. The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC process design hugely accelerates the speed of change and implementation.

Constructive dialogues

We shape the scope for dialogue within companies. Exploring and reflecting together leads to viable solutions, decisions and implementation stages.

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC steers the flow of content and discussions in the right direction throughout the entire process. Integrating people into all dialogues creates ownership and commitment.

The group as momentum

The group is the catalyst for the development of companies. Collective attentiveness always sets the agenda. Setting a company in motion as a whole ideally requires integration of a microcosm – i.e. a representative cross-section from the company – into all phases of the process. In this way, we ensure that all relevant voices are represented.

Greater positive energy

Our processes are designed to create positive energy for a successful future. It is not weaknesses and problems that are our focus, but rather strengths, potential and possibilities. The aim of our processes is motivating people for change and inspiring with visions of the future. Transformational energy is not produced from the top down, but rather from the heart of the organisation.

Our processes are not based on random sequences of steps and meetings; they follow precisely defined principles of success.

Activating managers

Functioning processes are crucially dependent on managers. As a coach and sparring partner, we take care to provide management with the necessary support.

It is extremely important to integrate management into all relevant processes. The seriousness of the undertaking can only be passed on if it is communicated by the management as role models.

Thinking from a customer perspective

Our thinking is outside-in. In all considerations and stages, we consistently retain the perspective of the customer while thinking from the outside in.

It should never be forgotten that it is the customers who ultimately determine the success of a brand.

Momentum through success

Clear, convincing and visible results are essential for successful processes of change. They are the nourishment and motor for the process.

Many small successes and pilot projects create momentum and give the project an enormous boost. Success is infectious; it turns onlookers and hangers-on into active supporters. Success emboldens and shows management that the process is on the right track.

Case examples

Over the past 20 years we have already established many market leaders or boosted their position on the market. It is our aim to lead our customers to success and to supervise them during implementation. Some of these case examples illustrate this.


Producer of special milks for a variety of tastes


The modern marketplace for everyday home living

Wienerberger Gruppe

Quality of life with sustainable solutions for construction materials and infrastructure


ECO excellence – added value for customers with top ecological performance

Serfaus Fiss Ladis

The holiday park for families


Finest gourmet taste with the highest level of freshness


Quality of life and a feeling of well-being during day-to-day shopping in aesthetic spaces

Der Bäcker Ruetz

True delicacies for all the senses

Client feedback

97 per cent of our clients report that the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC produces a noticeable long-term effect, both in the figures and in the culture of the company.

Dipl. Inform. Manfred Kühner Managing Director dm drogerie markt GmbH

“Our cooperation with Brand Logic was productive right from the start. The applied methods really helped us to think consistently from the perspective of the customer. This led quickly to the definition of the relevant differentiation in the area under examination and to commitment within the company. Their support for the implementation that now follows is also very important to us.”

Joachim Oberrauch Managing Director Finstral AG

“The strategic brand profile developed together with Brand Logic now enables us to orient the company on our target groups with differentiation that is much truer to the brand.”

Mag. Marcus Wild CEO SES Spar European Shopping Centers

“The cooperation with Brand Logic was a learning process about the strengths and success potential of our company – screening for success!”

Dr. Franz Tschiderer Tourism Chairman Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

“Ever since the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC has been working for us, we have known what ‘brand-oriented destination development’ and above all what kind of success can be triggered by this process.”

Mag. Markus Kaser Managing Director INTERSPAR

“The work with Brand Logic has been good particularly due to the fundamentally honest and substantially considered approach to problematic issues – they are consultants without showing off, with a good amount of persistence.”

Dr. David Strack Managing Director EDEKA Nord e.G.

“Brand Logic accompanied us through a brutally honest process in which we were able to charge our brand with potential for success and consistently only pursue activities that add positive energy to our brand from the perspective of consumers.”

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