Webinar: Aligning Strategy and Culture
7 May 2024 from 4 p.m. (UK time)

This webinar shows organisations how to combine strategy and culture, to successfully meet current and future market challenges

Build the future of your company through the power of collective behaviours at scale, across all levels of your organization!

Currently consultancy businesses coexist without sharing their specialized knowledge, creating multiple solutions to problems instead of taking a more holistic approach. The CEOs of The Chalfont Project and The Institute of Brand Logic are convinced that there is a better way: "Together we empower companies to align the future demands of the market and the cultural dynamics of an organisation. This changeability makes companies more future-proof. In this way, we can accelerate companies' market successes and outperform competitors.”

Viral Change™ meets the Institute of Brand Logic. Two unique consultancies - who are thought leaders and innovators in their own fields – have come together to create a new approach within the consulting industry.

Cultural engine team of the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC Norbert Pühringer, Stefania Cimino and Martina Zimmermann

CEO and lead designer of products and services at The Chalfont Project Ltd Dr. Leandro Herrero

Take aways and learnings

This interactive talk will begin with a short conversation between Dr Leandro Herrero (CEO, The Chalfont Project) and Markus Webhofer (CEO, INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC) about our approach to the alignment of strategy and culture. We will then involve all participants in a conversation about the challenges and opportunities of our time and the relevance of changeability for organization. Through break-out and plenary sessions you will have the chance to exchange your experience and perspectives with other C-levels all over Europe. Get in dialogue with us!


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