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Top-of-Mind-Issues 2022 für das Retail-Topmanagement

The core topic in the consulting projects of the INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC is the question: How can companies, how can brands make themselves fit for the future?

To do this, we analyse markets. We follow developments. We talk to experts. Nationally and internationally.

Retail in particular - food and non-food - is affected by an immense change in consumer habits. It is becoming clear that, in addition to the permanent burden of Covid 19, the retail sector has to address a multitude of future issues that require immediate action.

The top management of the retail sector will have to deal with the following 11 topics in 2022:


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Sustainability | Meaningful Consumption | Health:
Holistic concepts for consumption-conscious and sustainability-oriented target groups. These topics are no longer just a trend, but will be part of the core business in the future, with implications for the supply chain as well. Only a holistic strategy enables a true customer experience.

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Platform Economy | Online Market Places:
Commercialising one's own reach via marketplace offerings. This can be done not only online, but also stationary on the floor (e.g. shop-shop solutions).
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Omni Channel | Hybrid Commerce | Hybrid Retail:
Stores from the entire portfolio are specifically clustered according to location, size and customer mix. Specific digital solutions are connected to the individual clusters, depending on service requirements. In addition, the optimal balance between brick & mortar and online remains highly relevant.
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The (inner) wave of dismissals:
Employees urgently need to be tied more closely to the company and motivated more strongly. The appropriate elements of New Work must be consistently integrated into everyday working life. This is also the most effective lever in the fight for new employees.
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Quick Commerce I Delivery Services:
More and more customers are placing more value on fast delivery and digital services than on the in-store shopping experience.
Cooperations with delivery platform specialists play an essential role for traditional retailers. There is no alternative to intelligently used customer data in the future.
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Social Commerce | Next Generation Customer:
The younger generations drive the trends and determine the success of tomorrow's retailers. Their media use (social media, streaming) differs massively from the media behaviour of older customer groups. Social media will become the dominant sales channel. Live streaming is the online channel of tomorrow - a mixture of entertainment and shopping.

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Supply Chain Disruptions | Sicherung der Versorgung:
Build alternatives to existing supply chains with a strong regional focus. Adjust to a less global world with large domestic markets (North America, Europe, China).

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Position retail as inflation fighter. Noticeable channel shifts towards discounting. The smaller customer budgets hit certain retail segments particularly hard (e.g. textiles, shoes).

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Retail Technology:
New customer experience through augmented reality, interactive screens, configurators, 3D printing etc., increased efficiency through electronic shelf labels, seamless checkout solutions, robotics, robots etc.

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Cyber Crime:
Attacks against IT are becoming more and more massive. There is no longer any alternative to comprehensive protection of IT systems.

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Metaverse | Crypto | NFR (Non Fungible Right):
Monitor development closely. Carefully validate how and when to start (e.g. virtual products and shops, avatars).

The INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC guides and accompanies retail companies and consumer goods manufacturers on their way to strengthening their future viability. With our process- and dialogue-based consulting method, we support companies in the development and implementation of future images, differentiated positioning, format strategies, sustainability strategies, omni-channel strategies, assortment strategies and their anchoring in control and analytics systems, as well as in the strengthening of the employer brand and the retention of employees.

For your questions on the topic of retail & consumer goods
our Associate Partner Roman Eltzsch
is available by telephone or e-mail.


roman eltzsch ist associate partner am institute of brand logic
Roman Eltzsch, Associate Partner INSTITUTE OF BRAND LOGIC